DM DANCE COschools and fees

School Name
Monthly fee
000-0Bokmakierie Dance MouseTuesday10:30 - 11:00R220.00Genique
000-00Bugsy MaloneThursday08:45 - 9:15R220.00Genique
Grade RBugsy MaloneTuesday13:00 - 13:30R220.00Genique
000-0Genesis Academy (Robertsham)Thursday9:30 - 10:00R220.00Genique
000-0Kids @ Play Ballet (Group 1)Thursday10:15 - 10:45R220.00Genique
000-0Kids @ Play Ballet (Group 2)Thursday10:45 - 11:15R220.00Genique
000-0Kids @ Play Dance Mouse (Group 1)Wednesday10:15 - 10:45R220.00Genique
000-0Kids @ Play Dance Mouse (Group 2)Wednesday10:45 - 11:15R220.00Genique
000-0Kids @ Play Dance Mouese and BalletAs AboveSame as AboveR400.00As Above
00Leeuwenhof Akademie (DM)Monday12:50 - 13:20R260.00Bea
0Leeuwenhof Akademie (DM)Monday13:20 - 13:50R260.00Bea
1-2Leeuwenhof AkademieMonday14:00 - 14:40R280.00Bea
3-4Leeuwenhof AkademieMonday14:40 - 15:20R280.00Bea
5-7Leeuwenhof AkademieMonday15:20 - 16:00R280.00Bea
000Leeuwenhof Akademie (DM)Wednesday13:00 - 13:30R260.00Genique
000 - 0Leeuwenhof Akademie (Ballet)Wednesday13:30 - 14:00R260.00Genique
000 - 0Leeuwenhof Akademi (DM + Ballet)Same as aboveSame as AboveR480.00Genique
00 - 3Royal King SchoolThursday13:00 - 13:30R250.00Genique
4 - 7Royal King SchoolThursday14:00 - 14:30R250.00Genique
000 - 0Saturday Studio Class 1Saturday8:15 - 8:45R220.00Genique
1-6Saturday Studio Class 2Saturday9:00 - 9:45R280.00Genique
000-0Luv-a-Lotto be confirmedTo be confirmedR220.00Genique
000-0Sweep Kids AcademyTuesday11:20 - 11:50R220.00Genique
1 - 3Sweep Kids AcademyTuesday13:45 - 14:30R280.00Genique
4Sweep Kids AcademyTuesday14:30 - 15:15R280.00Genique
000-0Tambotie Prep Ballet (Group 1)Monday11:00 - 11:30R220.00Genique
000-0Tambotie Prep Ballet (Group 2)Monday11:30 - 12:00R220.00Genique
000-0Tambotie Prep Dance MouseWednesday11:15 - 11:45R220.00Genique
000-0Tambotie Prep Dance Mouse and BalletSame as aboveSame as AboveR400.00Same as Above
1-2Tambotie Prep Ballet (Primay School)Monday13:45 - 14:30R280.00Genique
3-4Tambotie Prep Ballet (Primay School)Monday14:10 - 14:55R280.00Genique
1-7Tambotie Prep Dance Mouse (Primary School)Friday13:10 - 13:55R280.00Genique
1-3Tambotie Prep Dance Mouse and BalletSame as aboveSame as AboveR520.00Same as Above